Pedia-Lax® Chewable Tablets

Pedia-Lax Chewable Tablets provide quick relief in 30 minutes to 6 hours in a tasty watermelon flavor that is easy for children to take.

Pedia-Lax Chewable Tablets

Product Details

  • Formulated for kids ages 2-11
  • Quick, gentle relief in 30 minutes to 6 hours
  • Contains magnesium hydroxide, a saline laxative that offers gentle relief without the painful cramping sometimes associated with stimulant laxatives
  • Tasty watermelon-flavored chewable tablets
  • Kid-friendly, easy-to-dose formula
  • Contents include 30 tablets
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  • For ages 2-5: 1-3 tablets
  • For ages 6-11: 3-6 tablets

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Our FAQ section should help you find the answers you need to resolve their constipation problem now and ways to avoid more problems in the future by changing their diet.

Give them relief in kid-friendly flavors with Chewable Tablets/Liquid Stool Softener: Pedia-Lax offers oral laxatives that provide you with multiple options to relieve your child's constipation so you can pick what's best for him or her. Our gentle, easy-to-dose formulas appeal to kids with flavors such as watermelon and fruit punch.

Uses: For relief of occasional constipation. This product generally produces bowel movement in ½ to 6 hours.

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