Give Poop A Chance

Give Poop a Chance!

Welcome to the Pedia-Lax Poop Rally!

Give poop a chance! It’s time to champion children’s regularity. Join parents everywhere who are pledging to stay in the know to help their kids go. (And remember, the bathroom door is always open to new members – so help us spread the word!)

Together, we believe:

  • It’s OK to talk about poop.
  • Proactive parents own the throne.
  • Sharing tips and tricks about stool is cool.
  • To care is to be poo-aware.
  • It’s good to know what’s up and what gets flushed down.
  • Be a Pedia-Lax potty scout: Always be prepared!
  • Perfectly normal kids can be irregular.
  • Education is the first step to relieving constipation.
  • Kids need medicines made just for kids.
  • When in doubt, pediatricians know best.
  • There’s strength in numbers – especially #2.
  • Poop happens!

Invite your friends to give poop a chance!

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