Probiotic Yums Questions

How do Yums help maintain digestive health?

Probiotics, like Pedia-Lax Yums, can help support natural digestive balance* by helping to support the good bacteria that live in the gut. For a pediatrician’s perspective on probiotics, check out these articles from Dr. B.

How long can I use Yums after I buy them?

Yums can be used up to two years after they’re manufactured. Check the bottom of the carton for the product’s specific expiration date.

Do Yums include gluten, eggs, soy or peanuts?

No, Yums are gluten-, egg-, soy- and peanut-free.

Are Yums sugar-free?

Yes, Yums are sugar-free.

Do Yums contain any preservatives or artificial colors?

Yums are free of preservatives and artificial colors.

Do Yums need to be refrigerated?

Yums do not need to be refrigerated. We recommend storing at room temperature, but not above 77° F.

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