Constipation Education

Flush Constipation Down the Drain

Say goodbye to irregularity when you learn how to recognize and remedy poop problems.

Everyday Regularity

Ten steps to keep your kids #1 at #2.

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Give Poop a Chance!

Continue your education by trading tips and tools with parents and pediatricians online. It’s OK to talk about poop!

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Poop Quiz

Ace the basics of Poopology and earn your degree in Toilet Time.

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Diagnosing Constipation

How do I know if my child is constipated? Some kids will be able to tell you when they’re constipated, but others won’t.

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Poop Journal

Keeping score in the bathroom can help you predict issues and prevent problems before they occur.

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Advice from Dr. B

Pediatrician and mom Dr. Belinda Basaca offers some easy tips to help keep your child regular when life isn’t.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section should help you find the answers you need to resolve their constipation problem now and ways to avoid more problems in the future by changing their diet.

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