Safe, Fast Constipation Relief

Lately, there has been news in the media about polyethylene glycol (PEG 3350) and its possible side effects when used in children under the age of 17. PEG 3350 is the active ingredient found in most popular over-the-counter laxatives for use in the treatment of constipation in adults. In the past few years, there have been incidents of neuropsychiatric behavioral symptoms found in children using products that contain PEG 3350 to treat constipation. Although studies are being done through the FDA and are still ongoing, the results have been inconclusive thus far and further research needs to be done.

Pedia-Lax® has a full line of products ranging from oral to rectal laxatives that are specifically designed for use in children ages two to eleven. Each product is carefully formulated to have optimal results while maintaining safe dosages of FDA-approved ingredients. If you have questions about the use of these products, review our Product section on the Pedia-Lax® website and discuss these options with your pediatrician or healthcare professional.

Parental awareness, early detection, and behavior modification (such as rewarding the child for going to the bathroom regularly), in conjunction with Pedia-Lax® products, are ways to help get your child back on a healthy cycle of regular, painless bowel movements. As always, consult your family pediatrician when constipation is suspected and a plan of management is being considered. Furthermore, don't wait too long to see your child’s doctor if symptoms persist, as they could point to something other than constipation.

Together we can achieve safe, healthy management of bowel health for your child.